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    violets friend

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    Hiya Wow new to the site not sure l like it , but where is the sisterhood project banner as l would like to buy some calenders. Thanks Linz


    Reply from Claude Marcotte:

    Hello Linz,

    The project hasn't started yet. Check out the thread for last year ( for info.

    There will be a calendar for 2010, I've started working on it.

  2. 08/31/08

    Hey Claude-

    I had an idea about the DVD copies. Could we use it as part of our CHAS birthday contribution next year by charging whoever (meaning those of us on the boards) a nominal fee for the copy and adding whatever is collected (after subtracting out costs of the DVD's and postage) to our birthday fundraiser drive? Just a thought.

    Hope all is well with you!

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    Reply from Claude Marcotte:

    Hi Res! :-)

    Yes, we have a few calendars left! Check out the thread for more info (click on the Sisterhood project banner to get to it).


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